10 Teeth Care Tips : How To Protect The Tooth

10 Teeth Care Tips : How To Protect The Tooth

How to clean the tooth Care: At the young age, weakening of teeth, pointing towards negligence towards teeth. We brush every day, but you do not even know how to clean teeth, what to do for healthy teeth. And just by brushing your teeth with a mechanical way, you will have to know about teeth care tips for the toothache

Through them, you will be able to protect the teeth safely. Read about ways and means to protect teeth. These little habits are what we look at every day. Natural Best Tips For Teeth Whitening

How To Clean Up Tooth Remedy

Clean the tooth properly

make friends with you

  • We brush in teeth like this, like walking in sleep. While brushing, we do not know that we are touching, clearing teeth. We rub brush with teeth. And with the rubbing in this way, teeth begin to weaken very quickly. Problems like sensitivity begin to arise; with this friction, the teeth of the teeth start to feel weaker. That leads to tooth ache and toothache.
  • How to clean teeth – Brush all the attention daily, brush the brush in the corner of the mouth while brushing. And keep the brushes too slow, the bushes in a hurry can not clean the tooth appropriately, many places are left like this. So always slow and brush in every corner of the mouth.

The upper part of the teeth, the lower part of the tooth, the part of the tooth and gums, etc. Brush the brush in every corner of the mouth.

Tooth cleansing (protection from germs)

  • Using flossing to clean teeth is also very beneficial. It reaches the place quickly where the brush can not even reach. It helps a lot to get rid of the particles and garbage of food trapped between the two sides of the teeth. If these particles are not removed from time to time, they start tooth decay in the teeth; bacteria begin to form in the mouth, causing teeth to become weak.
Clean the tooth with thread
  • Clean the teeth with cotton by 3-4 times a week (and one time a day). Flossing it will get you much more accessible than anywhere. You can also buy it from medical stores. If you do not get it, you can also use the ballast thread stitching the clothes (this is the natural way to clean the tooth ).

Tobacco Care Tips

  • You can not even guess how much damage to tobacco, how much damage your teeth have. They also weaken them from the inside with the beauty of teeth; they can also read insects, mouth cancer, etc. There may be many deadly diseases that can ruin your life. So leave tobacco, gutkha for teeth care, for dental care.

Leave Tea, Coffee, Drinks

  • These things are found in very high quantities of phosphorous. And if the phosphorous body is present in excessive amounts, it reduces the amount of calcium. Due to the weakness of the teeth, toothache, bleeding in the gums, etc. many diseases of the teeth begin to occur.
  • At the same time, taking these things, the teeth read the piglets, understand the negative effect on the skin of the body. The stomach starts to feel weaker; liver weakens, etc. You have to tell only what is the benefit of consuming these things. We eat these things just for the moment of taste, and it does not give anything except harm. Instead, you can start drinking milk; it will be very beneficial for teeth.

Calcium Vitamins for Dental Care Needs

  • Measures to strengthen teeth – If you want to strengthen teeth, start consuming Calcium & Vitamin C in more enormous amounts. Because Calcium increases the strength and whiteness of the teeth. Through this, you can maintain young like teeth in old age.
  • To get Calcium and Vitamins, you start drinking milk daily in the morning every morning and at the same time start consuming as much as possible orange juice, paneer, curd, flower cabbage, etc. Eat all those things that contain Calcium and Vitamin C.

Mouthwash Dental Care in Hindi


Rinse after eating

Rinse is essential
  • You can not even imagine how much this small habit can harm our teeth. When we do not rinse appropriately after eating, the particles of food are trapped in the teeth, which begin to decompose in the teeth. And this rottenness invites diseases of the teeth. Therefore, after eating the meal, you must adequately rinse.

Teeth Care

  • The way we try to care for the cleaning of teeth (care) should be looked after as well as Tongue. Because, whatever we eat, we taste through jiban. It will contain germs, and it will also spoil your stomach (how to protect it).
Do not forget to clean the tongue
  • To avoid this, use the Tongue Cleaner. You can clean jiban with a brush or any thread. This was the stock point of care of teeth, which should be taken care of by the general public and the patient of the tooth. Along with this, read the information related to the disease of the lower teeth.
  • Always keep your brush in a clean place. And always brush your teeth with hot water before brushing. Always keep the tooth brush in the tooth cape. On leaving them open, many of the deadly bacteria come and sit, which can be very harmful to our health.

danton ki suraksha ke upay

  • Do not brush over the need, nor do it brush the teeth on the teeth; it weakens the teeth.
  • Always brush at a slow pace.
  • If your teeth are fragile, brush twice a day for 2-3 minutes.
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste. If possible, make a dent Use the powder to replace the toothpaste.
  • Clean the yarn teeth 2-3 times a week (flossing).
  • Reduce sweet food.

If possible, start brushing with Nim’s teeth. If you start brushing teeth with Nim’s teeth, then you will not need to fear anything again because Nim’s teeth contain the ability to eliminate the teeth of bacteria in the tooth and keep the teeth healthy. “Hopefully you have understood a lot by reading the teeth care to strengthen the teeth cleanliness.

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