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A hobby doesn’t need to be a non-profit activity and if you want to make it a lucrative business you can incorporate a little practical knowledge into a project driven by passion. This is valid for blogs as well and the ones who strive to promote theirs over the internet can use a few tricks that have proven their worth over the time. Even if you are not aiming profit in your actions, everyone wants to have as many visitors as possible on their blog, so their message will reach a wider audience.

Having said this, you should know that some excellent blogs are still struggling in the shadows of the internet, failing to meet their potential and that’s simply because the authors lack the knowledge to make them popular. While the quality content keeps most of the readers wired and coming back for more each day, a large majority of the ones who would read the blog with pleasure, will never hear about it. Writing a blog and hoping for the visitors to discover it by chance is nothing more than wishful thinking and it won’t get you anywhere.

One of the first things that you could do to draw visitors is something that you will probably enjoy as well. Basically you should read other blogs, with a similar profile but not necessarily and comment on them. It is possible to post the comment right away, without paying any attention to the content, but that will eventually turn against you. If you invest a little time and post interesting comments, then insert a link to your own blog, the chances are high that many users will read yours and return in the future.

Conversely you should do the same operation when it comes to your own blog and insert links that direct your readers to other blogs that have a similar background. When your readers will visit the other blog, curious about what the author has to say, the trackback feature will link back to your blog and you will also be noticed by the author. Bloggers are interested about what the competition has to say anyway, so you should spend some quality time in reading other articles, when the writer shares your interested in a specific topic. The same applies to forums, which although have a different format, share the same appetite for discussions.

Ideally you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and anything else, but if you have to make a decision between posting often and waiting to release only premium content, the decision is easy. Try to write only interesting stuff, but put the post frequency above all, because these acts as an entry point for search engines. If you are skilled enough or have someone helping you with optimization, then the results will exceed your expectations in a not so distant future. When you post often, the community on your blog will also be more active, so you should use this into your advantage and organize various contests and special events.

People like competition and even if the prices are symbolic, they all try to prove that they are the best and deserve to win. Without investing a lot of resources in these contests, you can draw visitors from specialized sites and let the people know about your existence. Whether they win anything or not, being on your blog is going to act an incentive to read the stuff you’ve written and if the content is of quality, they will turn into followers. Speaking of which, try to use the social networks as much as possible, because they provide the ultimate environment for attracting visitors and readers.

By definition, people who enjoy spending time on Facebook or LinkedIn are willing to invest more time to engage in conversations and they generally interact a lot over the internet. If you can capture a small portion of the ones who dwell on social networks, you will insure a steady flow of visitors, because these guys don’t take days off. If you don’t have an account yet, wait no longer and create one right away, because the exposure you get here is difficult to match. If you have more blogs and websites, it is even better because interlinking is a powerful tool and an integrated blog marketing.

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