Social Bookmarking

In its infant stage, social bookmaking was an operation performed by amateurs whose sole purpose was to share information that they considered to be relevant. Websites were linked in their posts to facilitate the access to data and ideally, build a community of users who shared the same interests. This grew out of proportion lately when the use of social bookmarking in search engine optimization became obvious and everyone strives to get a share of the market. By teaming up with us, you will enjoy our social bookmarking submission to specialized websites such as Delicious, Digg and many more, making you popular over the internet.

There are few ways that are as effective in spreading the news and also affordable and we go to great lengths to make sure that the effects will show quickly. By manually submitting your site to these social bookmarking websites, we will have your page tagged frequently, which translates into a steep increase in traffic. The more often your site is being bookmarked and tagged, the more visible it becomes and if this operation is being done in complete harmony with other search engine optimization techniques, the results will meet your demands.

Each month we will provide you with new backings that will be indexed by Google and these are all permanent and genuine. We are completely transparent and that’s why we will inform you via monthly reports about the location of each backlink we’ve posted, so you can better evaluate the benefits of this partnership. Unlike traditional automated resources, the social bookmarking submission are better indexed by search engines, so you won’t be throwing money into a well and hope for the best. The high number of external links that are the natural consequence of our effort, will translate into a higher placement in the search engines page ranking, which is exactly the target we aim.

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