Fixing Slow PC Problems

why is my internet so slow when using internet

If you consider what about your system irks you the most, it will be for sure the speed with which these brainless brainy things work to render your life easy. It would be oftentimes, a slow computer or a slow internet connection of the computer. There are times when I used to explode, “why is my internet so slow?” to get answered from nowhere. Not just me and you, every PC user out there faces this eternal issue in spite of technology growing in length and breadth, more specifically the technology behind internet usage. If you analyze there are a wide range of factors that render your PC or laptop slow that you could imagine. It could be the internet speed, internet congestion or sometimes due to virus infections.

If it is your PC’s connection Speed

If the speed of your PC is immensely affected by the internet connection speed, and if it happens to be a dialup, then no wonder you would experience low speed compared to your broadband counterparts. The solution here pertinently is to speed up the connection than brood over a slow connection.

If it is due to network problems

If you work on a shared network connection, then you may face difficulty with speed when too many users login to the same connection. The solution here is nothing but not use the PC or laptop during when the internet traffic is at its peak. This avoids

why is my internet so slow these days

congestion and ensures that not too many use the internet if the time happens to be early morning or late hours.

If it is due to virus infection

There are possibilities that your laptop or PC could perform slow due to virus infiltration.  Viruses along with other malicious software tend to corrupt your system’s inbuilt files and implementing their own files all at your own cost and speed. When illicit transfers happen, it is your internet utility that is compromised. If this is the issue, then there is no point in screaming, just like me, “why is my internet so slow?” Instead act by removing virus infections by utilizing the best antivirus and antispyware solution.

Hope this should answer some of your questions pertaining to computer or internet speed.

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