Best Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand

Top Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand

Best Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, one of India’s most beautiful states, is now coming forward in the field of education. However, due to the outbreak of the environment, there is not much university and college at present, but there are some institutions which are famous all over India. In terms of engineering institutions, these are the best engineering colleges of Uttarakhand-

Best Engineering Colleges in Uttarakhand:

GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar

  • Establishment- 1966
  • Faculty- 139

College type- It also comes in the oldest institutions of Uttarakhand. NAAC has placed it in AAAA grade. You can take admission from JEE MAIN here. If you talk about the average package here, then 3 lakh rupees per year. There are lots of cultural festivals and events here, through which you always enjoy college. Apart from this, you get a lot to learn.

College of Engineering Roorkee

  • Establishment- 1998
  • Campus- 75 acres
  • Faculty-226

Although Roorkee is famous for IIT, this college is also perfect. It is a private institute, and NAAC has placed it in AAA grade. The college has all the necessary facilities like gym, cafeteria, hospital etc. Talk about average placement, then 2.60 lakhs.

Dehradun Petroleum

  • Establishment – 2003
  • Faculty – 261

Its full name is School of Engineering, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, but it is known as Dehradun Petroleum. This is a private institute that the NAAC has placed in the AAAA grade. You can enroll here by JEE MAIN.

The average placement here is 3.50 lakh rupees annually. This is the right college where students are the choice of students. The culture and the rest of the things are also excellent.

ICFAI University, Dehradun

  • Establishment- 2003
  • Campus- 25 acres
  • Faculty- 64

It is a private university that has been named NAAC by the AAA + grade. The average package here is 3.80 lakh rupees annually. You can enroll here by JEE MAIN. This college has its own identity throughout India. The cultural activities that are being here are very famous. The Computer Science Branch is excellent here.

Tujaj Institute of Engineering and Management College, Dehradun

  • Establishment – 2006
  • Faculty – 163

This is a private institute where the civil engineering branch is good. You can enroll here by JEE MAIN. One time the maximum package was Rs 200 lakhs from this college, and since then it is in the discussion. Speaking of the average package here are 2.50 lakh rupees annually. NAAC has placed it in AAA grade. The students always talk about culture and tell them the best.

Uttaranchal Institute of Technology, Dehradun – Uttaranchal Institute of Technology

  • Establishment – 2006
  • Faculty- 152
  • College type-private

It is said about this institute that it is constantly growing. NAAC has placed it in AAA grade. Here you can get admission from JEE MAIN. Well, there are also direct admissions in it. Talk about the average package, then 2.80 lakh rupees. Here, the computer science branch is perfect because most of the IT companies come for placement.

Graphic Era University, Dehradun – Graphic Era University

  • Establishment – 2008
  • Campus – 25 acres
  • Faculty – 383

This is a private university where the computer science branch is perfect. NAAC has placed it in AAAA grade. You can enroll here by JEE MAIN. The average placement here is 3 lakh rupees annually. You can learn a lot through periodical activities in the university from time to time.

JB Institute of Technology, Dehradun – JB Institute of Technology – Engineering College in Dehradun

  • Establishment- 2009
  • Campus- 25 acres
  • Faculty- 83

This is a private institution. You can enroll here by JEE MAIN. Apart from this, if the seats are saved, then there is also direct admission. NAAC has placed it in AAA grade. Here the average package of engineering is 2.80 lakh rupees. The students here have also gone to big MNCs.

DIT University Dehradun – DIT University

  • Establishment-2013
  • Campus- 23 acres
  • Faculty- 276

NAAC has placed it in AAA + grade. You can enroll here by JEE MAIN. If the seats are saved, then even the direct admission becomes. The average placement here in engineering is 2.85 lakh rupees annually. This university holds its identity throughout India. From here there is Slabs Night and the rest of the Cultural Activities, which gives you a lot of learning.

Quantum University, Roorkee – Quantum University

  • Establishment – 2017
  • Campus – 30 acres

Although this university is new, because of the placements here, it has quickly made it into its best institutions. Even after being a private university, it got involved so well in the state’s best institutions. You can enroll here by JEE MAIN.

If the seats remain, then there may be direct admission. The average package here is 2.88 lakh rupees. There are all the necessary facilities at the university. NAAC has placed it in AAA + grade.

This is Uttarakhand’s best engineering institute. Although there is still no such college except one in two colleges in that state which is the desire of every student of India, you can enroll in any of these. All you have to do is go there and try to learn a lot.

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