How to Apply PACL Refund 2019 Online?

How to Apply PACL Refund 2019 Online?

PACL Refund News 2019, Hello friends, you are very welcome at the teach Hindi guide site. In today’s post, we will tell you how to remove money trapped in parcel cheetah fund?

PACL’s investors who had deposited their money. All of them have a golden chance to get their money back from the company. Paul had illegally collected nearly Rs 60,000 crore from the public. In the name of primarily agricultural and real estate businesses, this company grabbed the public’s blood sweat earnings.

PACL and Pearls have been given to the investor in the SEBI relief. According to SEBI, the capital market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has decided to allow investors to apply for their outstanding money.

After the recommendation of the Justice RM Lodha Committee, SEBI has allowed investors to file a claim for PACL. The last date for applying for a PACL Refund is April 30, 2019.

So before this, SEBI had decided to get applications from such investors in 2018. Whose total outstanding amount (principal) was up to Rs 2,500 per PACL. SEBI has now seeking applications from PACL’s remaining investments, irrespective of their amount.

But this time it is not so, you can also apply for the amount above 2500 rupees for the PACL Refund.

Why does PACL apply for a refund claim online?

So SEBI has created a separate website for depositing the claim (PACL Refund) application to make it even easier for investors. So that the applicant should not have any problem while applying online.

Link to website for online PACL Refund Apply – Click Apply PACL Refund

SEBI Helpline Number – 022 6121 6966

For PACL refund, please read the document.

The following documents need to be submitted to scan the scan copy on 562632 via SMS or through the website. All these documents have to be applied to PACL refunds.

  1. Scan Copy of PACL Certificate
  2. Scan copy of the receipt (if any)
  3. The applicant Pen Card K
  4. Verification letter of your bank account cancelled or verification letter of your bank If you do not have the verification letter of the bank, you can download the verification letter by clicking on this link.
  5. Photo of the applicant’s passport size.
  6. Your bank’s IFSC code.

So, before applying all the documents mentioned above, please do so. The scanned copy of all these documents should not be more than one MB because one cannot upload scan copy of document size over an MB. Therefore, while scanning the text, its size should be less than one MB.

How to apply for a PACL refund For this I posted a video in this post. You can use the application very easily with the help of this video. So if you are going to apply for a refund, then watch the video.

PACL refund Helpline number

All PACL investors can contact the helpline number 022 6121 6966 in case of any queries and complaints.

Finally about PACL refund

So friends can apply online to refund your PACL like this. So if your money is also stuck, then this is the secret. You have to remove your trapped cash with the help of SEBI

Friends, we hope you like this post. And as well as the video we shared with this post; he too will be of great help to you. Thank you very much for reading this post; your day is auspicious.

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