How to make South Indian Vegetable Sambar Recipe

How to make South Indian Vegetable Sambar Recipe

People from different cultures live in our country, and everyone is different from mine and drink and living. But still, there are some things in our country, which are not only prevailing in any particular place but the whole country. 

Yes, we are talking about a kind of food, for example, talk of South Indians eating, so the most famous dish is Sambar, which is eaten mainly with Dosa , Vada and Idli recipes  . . It is preferred primarily in South India and is preferred throughout the country. 

That’s why these dishes are sold all over the country, and even people make it at home too. In this article we are going to tell you about the method of making sambhar at home today

Materials needed for making sambhar (Required Ingredients for Making Sambar)

Sambhar is a healthy dish made with vegetables. Which are delicious in the food, it is also easy to make. Therefore it can be made easily at home too. Also, the material used in it is also available at our house. What you need to do in making sambhar – and what time it takes in it all can be seen in the tables given below –

Total time and quantity: –

total quantity For four people
whole time 40 minutes
Time to collect material 15 minutes


Necessary ingredients:-

No.M essential components Quantity
1. eggplant 3
2. onion 3 – 4
3. Tur dal 1 cup
4. Chickpea lentil ½ cup
5. turmeric powder ¼ teaspoon
6. Sambar Powder One teaspoon
7. Tamarind pulp ½ cup
8. Salt ½ teaspoon or taste
9. oil 1 large spoon
10. Fenugreek seeds One pinch
11. Stand up One teaspoon
12. Dry steep red chilly 1 – 2
13. Garlic Two bud
14. grated coconut ½ tbsp
15. Between mustard ½ teaspoon
16. Curry leaves One handgun

Making Process of Sambar

If you want to make a sambhar at home, you can see a straightforward method to make it here, which is as follows –

  • To make the sambhar, first, take a little oil in an embroidery or frying pan, and keep it in the gas on medium flame.
  • After this, when the oil becomes hot, then add the fenugreek seeds, standing stems, dry standing red chilies, garlic, and what kind of coconut, and cook it for a while.
  • When it is cooked well, then take it down from the gas and let it cool down. After cooling, you grind this whole material with the help of a mixie. And keep it aside until it is being used.
  • On the other hand, add turmeric lentils and gram dal to a cooker, add 2 cups of water, turmeric, and salt and boil them with 1 – 2 whistles.
  • Now you heat oil in the same pan or frying pan on medium flame, in which you made a powdered mixer.
  • Once the oil is hot, add curry leaves, onions, and eggplants to it and fry for a while. In this, you can also add gourd, pumpkin, and tomato, etc. After that, you put tamarind pulp in it.
  • When it starts boiling well, then add a pistachio mix into it. Put the boiled, fried fry and put the gram. Then let it cook for a while in a low flame.
  • When it gets cooked, then add salt in it and mix it with sambhar powder and flavor, and cook it for a while.

For tempering –

  • Your sambar will be ready. But until the sambhar starts getting tired, its taste is not as good.
  • So take a little oil in pen to temper the sambhar. And add tempering material such as mustard seeds, curry leaves, steep red chilly, etc. and let it snap.
  • After snapping well, put it in the top of the sambhar. Now your delicious Sambar becomes fully prepared.

To serve –

Sambar is a dish which is not eaten alone, but it is eaten with idli, dosa, cumin rice, and Wada, etc. So you can serve it hotly with these dishes. If you eat coconut chutney in it, it will be perfect.

For Garnishing –

When you serve it, then you should also make some garnishings in it, so that it starts to look tasty. In it, you can use the coconut, dried red chilly and curry leaves for garnishing. 
This dish is an enjoyable main-course dish for dinner and lunch parties. When you organize such a party at your house, then you can make this dish because it is delicious and easy to make.

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