How To Start Making Copy Business Start Notebook Manufacturing Business

How To Start Making Copy Business Start Notebook Manufacturing Business

How to start a Notebook manufacturing business in Hindi copy study is the most important commodity in the region. It is not possible to be studied without this. Different types of copies are produced according to the needs of different subjects, which are sold at different prices in the market. These notebooks are present with different brands and quality, which are sold at different prices with their quality. You can also start a notebook business with very little money and earn a great profit by selling them with your branding. All necessary information related to this business will be given here. In the same way, you can start the business of making paper plates at a low cost.


How To Start A Notebook Making Business 
How to start the notebook manufacturing business 

Need to create notebooks (notebook making raw materials )

Subject to the raw material needed to build a notebook is given below. For this, various coated or uncovered paper i.e. paper and cardboard are required.

Price of raw materials:

  • Daya Paper: The price of Mustard paper is Rs. 62 per kg.
  • Cardboard: The card used for the cover is 1 rupee per grinding.

Where to buy Raw material: The following websites can be purchased online.

Benefits in creating a notebook business (notebook manufacturing business profit )

About 6 to 7 notebooks can be made in one kg paper. If it sells in retail, then it sells 15 rupees per piece. The total cost of making a notebook is Rs 11. This type of notebook costs Rs 12 to 13 in In this way, each notebook can earn a profit of Rs 2.

Machinery for making notebooks (Notebook making machines )

This requires the following machine.                                  

  • Pin-up machine,
  • Edge Square Machine,
  • Cutting machine

These machines charge 4 kW of power and can be run from domestic electricity.

Price of Notebook making Machine for making notebooks  :

The total value of these machines is between 5.5 lakh and 6 lakhs. In the same way, you can start the business of making bathroom cleaners at a lower cost.

Where to buy: It can be purchased online through this website:

A process to create notebooks (notebook making process )

Notebook process is very simple, if its machinery is understood once, then notebooks can be made very easily. Its entire process is being given below.

  • First, turn the sheet (which works for the cover for a copy) to turn it well so that it comes in the shape of the cover according to the copy.
  • After this, the number of pages to be copied, turn the paper into and put in it. After that, the pinning process begins.
  • In this process, the cover and the inserted paper inserted inside it have to be pinned. Dusta folded for this has to be pinched with the help of a spinning machine. This work is easily done with the help of a spinning machine.
  • After that, it has to be done by moving it to the edge square machine and finishing it. Finishing means extra sorting of extra pages, etc., etc. After finishing, the notebook is fully in the square.
  • In the Edge Square machine, its pinning space first comes in good shape. After this, its cutting comes. Cut the previously formed copy from the front and then, if necessary, then split the two parts of the cut from the middle. In addition to the pinning area, the front three parts have to be cut. In this way, the notebook becomes ready to sell.

Time to create notebooks (Notebook making process time )  

At least 6 to 8 copies are prepared in 15 to 20 minutes.  

The packaging of notebooks (notebook packaging )

Once the copy is ready, it has to be packaged as per requirement, if it is talked about packing it can be packed as a wholesale or retail. Large packets can be made to pack in the wholesale, large bags can be copied according to the dealer’s requirement. If you want to straighten your brand directly into retail, make a pack of 6 packs per pack and carry it to different stationery shops.

Total cost for business of creating notebooks (Notebook manufacturing business cost )

For the establishment of this business, the total amount is Rs. 10 lakhs. In this money, you can also buy these machines and also get RAW Material. Apart from this, electrical wiring, etc. will also be made in this money.

In this way, with the cost of 10 lakh rupees, this business can be easily started and can make its notebook brand market and earn a profit.

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