How To Start The Business Of LED Light.

How To Start The Business Of LED Light.

he full name of the LED is the light emitting diode. Electronic devices made from this save plenty of electricity. For this reason, the Indian government is trying to promote LED in the country. Last year, the Government introduced the Domestic Efficient Lightning Program (DEPL) across the country. At present, the name of this scheme has been changed by the Indian government. So far this scheme has been followed in many parts of the country and the scheme is very successful. With the success of Ujala, the LED business prospects are increasing in the country. LED business can easily be started in extremely low money. Here the special episodes related to this business are being described.


How To Start The Business Of LED Light

LED Light Business Locations (LED Lights Business Places)

The LED light can be traded in many ways. Good trading can be earned even better than its trading. For this, you will first have to rent a shop in an electronic or general market. If you have a place that could become a shop, then save the rent money to shop at that place. After the required furnishing of this place, you can start selling the LED here. You can get the LED from a wholesaler or supplier to sell the LED here.

LED Lite Trading Start at Minimum Cost at Minimum Cost

At least 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees are required to start this type of business. However, if the shop works well, it can earn a profit of 20,000-3,00,000 per month, so it is a great business to earn at least 20,000 per month from the investment of 2 lakhs.

Trade as a LED supplier (LED Light Business as a Supplier)

If you do not want to shop for LEDs, you also have the option of becoming an LED supplier. While working as a supplier for different shops, you can also take good advantage with the help of LED. However, to become a supplier you have to invest more money than retail. To become a supplier, the cost of at least 2 to 3 lakh rupees is made. However, for this, you will also need to rent a place for Godown or a large store.

After the place is arranged, you will need to contact the merchants who perform light assemblies and various manufacturing companies. Since retailers will lift LEDs from here, so, as a supplier, you have to keep various types of LED lights in your store so that they can give LED as per the demand for retail. To work as a supplier, you need a secure transport system. As for how to get started Movers and Packers business ready here.

Build LED Light Business by installing Assembling Unit (LED Light Business by Installing Assembling Units)

You can also earn money from the LED by setting up an assembling unit. The cost of establishing a small assembly unit costs 5 to 7 lakh rupees. However, for this, the government gives loans and this loan can be obtained under the Prime Minister’s Employment Scheme.

Here, machinery, raw materials, etc. are being described for setting up an assembling unit.

  • Machinery: The required machinery for the LED assembling unit is being shown below and its price is about buying it online.
  1. Component forming: Price: Rs 85,000
  2. Soldering machine: Price: Rs. 300
  3. Digital Multimeter: Price: Rs 551
  4. Tester: Price: Rs 565
  5. Sealing machine: Price: Rs. 1350
  6. LCR meter: Price: Rs 2400
  7. Small Drilling Machine: Price: Rs 1800  
  8. Lux meter: Price: Rs. 1200
  • Raw Material: Root material required for this is its price and the purchase of it online is shown below.
  1. Led chips: Price: Rs. 1200
  2. Recycling Machine: Price: Rs. 9 / per unit
  3. Heat sink device: Price: Rs 400
  4. Metal Cap Holder
  5. Plastic body: Price: Rs 50 per unit
  6. Reflector plastic glass: Price: Rs 3 per unit
  7. Connecting Wire: Price: Rs 480
  8. Soldering Flux: Price: Rs 80

You can buy all these machines and materials online through the following websites:


Create LED Light Business by Making a Component (LED Light Business by Making a Component)

Due to the demand for LED, many big companies have started to produce LEDs.Therefore, traders of low-cost merchants can make a lamp component. To prepare small workshop costs at least 5 lakhs. For this, firstly MSME has to register its workshop under the Government of India. Loans can also be obtained by the government after this registration. Under this estimate, it can earn up to Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 per month.

LED Light Business Training by Indian Govt to launch LED light business

The Indian government is also offering various types of LED related training to spread the LED in the country. It is being provided by the Training Skills Development Plan and the MSME Ministry. Under the Skill Development Plan, training programs are run from time to time in various places like Nisabud and Khadi Village Industries Commission. Under this training, all the information related to the LED is given to the trainer. For specific information, you can visit the link below.

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