The First Budget Smartphone For India

The First Budget Smartphone For India

please welcome to the stage mr. Rupesh Sinha hey guys hello everyone thank you thank you so much yeah that was me welcoming myself because we are cool like that anyway welcome to our first launch event yeah this is a special day for all of us here at b-bomb because today we are revolutionizing smartphones let me introduce to you the B phone.

there today we are announcing dubbed e phone thank you so much thank you guys yeah this is not just a phone it’s the B phone now this is the phone that will truly redefine the future of smartphones yes we have been working on this one for quite some time now and here’s George – George our product had talking more about the design philosophy of the before we have been working on this device for the last 19 months we wanted this phone to look like a part of you bold beautiful and sharp we have come out with a design so unique .

so exquisite so powerful that when you hold it in your hand you will realize what a smart phone should feel like not just another device but an extension of yourself inspired by the gentle flow of water we have engineered the display to seamlessly blend into the reinforced stainless steel frame it’s a work of art just as much as it is a feat of brilliant engineering fold it unfold it it will always fit perfectly in this is the before .

so this is the beetle thank you guys thank you so much and it looks amazing this is something we have worked really hard on and it’s beautiful this is something you have never seen before it’s the biggest leap forward when it comes to smartphones and yeah it’s beautiful the bee phone falls from the outside and it works seamlessly this is just the perfect portable design so with the bee phone you’ll be able to use two apps side by side use the second screen as a keyboard use the second screen as a gamepad.

this is just amazing now apart from the amazing foldable design the bee phone has a stainless steel frame but we did not just want to give you any shiny metal frame we wanted to take the smartphone design to the next level with the bezel so what does did not tell you is that the bee phone is the world’s first smart phone to be made of vibranium yeah I’m not kidding seriously this is a phone made of vibranium that toughest metal in this universe not only that .

we’ve worked with the wakandans to create the most flexible yet the toughest glass on this planet we call it Panther glass the bee phone is the world’s first smart phone to come with Panther glass I know it’s amazing and there’s a lot more about the beaver and also we decided not to be courageous with the beef one the bee phone has two headphone jacks .

yeah this is the only flagship in the world with two headphone jacks so the B phone is a gorgeous stunning device that you would love to flock but there’s much more to the be for the B phone packs in the most advanced hardware we have ever put on a phone to talk more about the hardware and what’s under the hood .

it’s a stunning feat of Engineering and with the B phone we left no stone unturned to make sure you get the best performance and the most awesome experience out of your smartphone and so we are using the 855 processor in the B form but as good as the 855 is it’s still not good enough for the B phone and so we have overclocked the 855 to 3.0 gigahertz and paired it with 16 gigs of RAM and one terabyte of ufs 4.0 storage.

so you’ll never be left wanting for performance whether you’re gaming streaming heck we even run a Bitcoin miner on it and it works slowly the B phone is extremely powerful and you’re going to love the performance on it but performance is not everything in a smart phone cameras are an integral part of a smart phone and with the B phone we have created the perfect smart phone camera the B phone has an innovative camera system that really revolutionized smartphone photography and videography .

I mean it’s the first phone in the world to come within f1 point for a poacher primary camera and that results in some beautiful charts take a look at these you yeah those are some amazing amazing shorts it also has an ultra white camera with a never-before-seen 165 degree field of view which results in some amazing shots and let you capture a lot more in your photos with the B phone we wanted to create the most versatile smartphone camera system ever and so we have a third periscope camera on the B phone .

which results in some amazing zoom capabilities that you have never seen on a smartphone we call it the super duper zoom yeah so with the super loop the zoom feature the B phone has become the first smartphone that can capture an amazing hundred eggs in on total yeah thank you so take a look at this 10x zoom shot of the moon and now take a look at the super duper zoom photo of the moon thanks to the super duper zoom on the B phone you can capture some incredible photos .

so we are the cameras on the B phone are extraordinary you have never seen anything like this ever before so now the B phone has great design incredible performance and the best cameras ever period but that’s not all with the B phone we are introducing a brand new oil we call it the black oil now black oil is the best smartphone software experience .

you will ever have it’s based on stock Android with some really cool exclusive features plus it has no add thank you yeah black OS is ad-free bloatware free and we don’t send your data to China yeah as the tech says it’s awesome err so yeah black OS has been custom made by us to run perfectly on a foldable smartphone but that’s not all black os runs on Android queen of puddings yeah that’s actually .

the name for Android Q and the B phone will be the first smartphone to ship with Android queen of pudding and when it comes to updates wait don’t you worry about it thank you well over to the page now Thank You officer thank you so much guys so how do you like the beeper well it’s amazing right so the B phone also has an amazingly huge battery so how much do you think the battery on the B phone is is it 5000 M H 6000 mAh now 7000 M H should be good enough right well no the B food has a massive 10,000 mAh battery thank you so much thank you in fact in our testing we found the B phone to last 7 days with ease¬† thank you guys .

it charges incredibly fast to the B phone comes with our in-house supersonic far Sharjah yeah the super Sony fast-rising charges the beef one at 120 watts and it’s super amazing well the supersonic charger that comes with the b-pawn charges the phone from zero to hundred percent in just 10 minutes yes just 10 minutes guys thank you so much it’s an impressive feat of Engineering and we love it and and I’m sure you’re gonna love it so this is the B phone guys this is a first foldable smartphone and the first foldable smartphone in India it has a cutting edge design it has a gorgeous bezel as display.

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