What are the Advantages of Creating a Facebook Page!

What are the Advantages of Creating a Facebook Page!

Friends, we all use Facebook every day, but do you know that on Facebook we can do more than share things, share photos/videos and share with friends. Facebook is very much a work item.

If you have a business or you have a   website then you can promote your business and website is free of charge from Facebook, also by making a Facebook Page free. Facebook Page helps a lot in increasing your business and website.

We also call the Facebook Page “Fan Page.” Facebook Page can be about any subject or person, such as actor, politician, company, business or any other item, can also create their own Facebook page, add their thoughts, photos, routines or additional relevant information.

The best part is that any person can create a Facebook Page, be an ID on Facebook. If you do not have an account on Facebook, then you can create an account on Facebook with the help of our how to create a facebook page. If you have a website/blog or a company, then you must make a Facebook Page because the benefits of the Facebook page are many.

  • Facebook Page comes to the top of Google.
  • On this, you can see and follow countless people while only 5000 people can join you in the Facebook Profile.
  • Creating a Facebook Page is free.

How To Create Facebook Pages straightforward to create a page on Facebook; you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login Facebook

First, log in to your Facebook Account.

Step 2: Create Page

After logging in, click on the menu option in the upper right, in which you will find the prospect of Pages, click on it, after which click Create Page

Step 3: Get Started

After clicking on the opportunity of Create Page, you will have to click on Get Start on the next page that will open.

Step 4: Enter Name

Now you have to choose a name for your page that you want to keep and click Next.

Step 5: Select Any Option

What you want to do on this page will be asked, click on any one and click Next.

Step 6: Select Category

Now you will be asked to select a category. You have to choose any one group. Then click on the Subcategory and choose Next.

Step  7: Enter Website

Now you will be asked to add a website to your page if you have website address then enter it, if not, then click on Skip.

Step 8: Select Profile Picture

Select Add a Profile Picture from Computer or Mobile for your page, select Upload and then click Next Button.

Step 9: Add A Cover Photo

Select Add a Cover Photo by selecting a cover photo for your page and then clicking on Visit Page.

So take your Facebook Page ready now. Do not be seen how friends have made Facebook Page. This way you can create more than one page too.

Now it comes to friends’ Facebook page, but how to promote it or how to get more likes on the Facebook page. Every person who creates a Facebook Page is interested in how to increase the likelihood of Facebook page so much so that its business is more publicized.

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes  

  • To increase Facebook Page Par Like, you will have to make your Facebook Profile Cool and Stylish, to make Facebook Profile Stylish, keep your Profile Picture and Cover Photo according to your Facebook Page if Facebook Page is your company. Enter the Logo of Company as Profile Picture and Cover Photo so that your Facebook Page looks very attractive.
  • Facebook Page Par Like To get the most you will have to Post Update daily.
  • Facebook Page Par Like To get more, it’s not enough to keep Regular Posts Update, for that you must also have excellent Facebook Post Ideas. We mean that when you have to add a post, which topic will be more popular, you should also have an Idea.
  • Update your posts on the Facebook Page with Image, because the photos are good to see, so people know from pictures only what you want to say.
  • While posting any post on Facebook page, we also have to take care of the time because many times we publish Post at the time when very few people are online due to which very few people see our post, hence Post Publish when more people are active on Facebook, the morning and afternoon time are considered right for Post Publish.
  • Whenever you publish a new post, do not forget to tag your friends in that post, because tag makes your posts reach both of your Facebook Friend’s Notification and Timeline.
  • Do not forget to invite your friends on Facebook Page; this is a perfect and easy way. Friends, you can invite all your friends from your Facebook Page and also speak to encourage them to your friends.

Facebook Page Delete

If you want to delete your Facebook page, you can easily do follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login Account

First, log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Select Page

Click on the menu at the top of the Facebook account, click on it and select the page that you want to delete in the Page with option.

Step 3: Edit Page

Now you will see three dots at the top. You have to click on it and click on Edit Page.

Step 4: Click On Setting

Now you have to click on the most visible settings option.

Step 5: Click On General Option

Here you have to click on General’s option.

Step 6: Remove Page

Now scroll down and come down to where you will see Remove Page option. In this, you will be told that if you want to restore your page within 14 days, then you can click on Delete Page Name.


Step 7: Delete Page

To confirm your page, you will have to click on the Delete Page again; it will take 14 days for your page to be deleted entirely. If you want to restore your page later then by clicking Cancel Delegation option.

So friends saw how easy you are to delete the page on Facebook. Now you can also quickly remove any of your pages besides creating them.


So how do you guys know by saying How to Create Facebook Pages? If you have a business or website then you can also promote your business or website from the Facebook page. If more and more people are able to access your page, then if your close friends who want to promote their business or website, then tell them about Facebook Create Pages so that they also have the advantages of creating a page on Facebook Go about, thank you!

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