What Is The Mouse? Full Information Of Computer Mouse.

What Is The Mouse? Full Information Of Computer Mouse.

We use the hand for lifting, catching, carrying, moving, etc. things in the outer world. But, if you have to do the same thing on your computer, how will you do it? Because the computer does not have any hands. Then how will this work?

Let’s tell you.

Actually, computers also have hands for all these tasks. Yes, you read the right one hand. You know that hand in the name of the mouse So let’s know what is this mouse? And how is the mouse used?

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What is the mouse – What is Mouse?

A mouse is an input device, whose real name is Pointing Device. A mouse is used mainly on the computer screen to select items, go to them, and open them. Using the mouse, the user gives instructions to the computer. Through this, a user can access anywhere on the computer screen.

The world’s first computer mouse itself is caught by Douglas C. Englebart himself.

The computer mouse was invented by World War II soldier Douglas C. Engelburtin 1968.

The ordinary mouse usually looks like a real mouse. It is small and rectangular, which is connected to the computer through a cable. A computer mouse can be something like this.

A simple computer mouse and its buttons

A simple mouse usually has three buttons, which can be seen in the top of the eye. The first and second buttons are known as Primary Button and Secondary Button (Right Button), respectively.

They are called Right Click and Left Click in the Common Language. And the third button is called the Scroll Wheel. Now more than three buttons are coming in the modern mouse, which has different functions.

Various types of computer mouse.

Computer Mouse has completed its journey in many phases. During this time, many different forms were developed. Which we can divide mainly into the following five types.

  • Mechanical Mouse
  • Optical Mouse
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Trackball Mouse
  • Stylus Mouse

1. Mechanical Mouse

This mouse was invented in 1972 by Bill English. Mechanical Mouse used a ball for instructions. Therefore it is also called Ball Mouse. This ball could be rotated right-left and up-down.

2. Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse works on LED – Light Emitting Diode and DSP – Digital Signal Processing technology. There are no balls in this mouse. There is a small bulb in its place.

That’s why the pointer moves when you move the mouse. And with the buttons in it, we direct the computer. This type of mouse is used nowadays.

They are connected to the computer through a wire. Which also supplies electricity to it. Optical Mouse is easy to use.

3. Wireless Mouse

The wireless wire is called the Wireless Mouse. It is also called a cordless mouse. This mouse is based on Radiofrequency (RF) technology. But its texture is like an optical mouse.

Therefore, a transmitter and receiver are needed to use it. The transmitter is made in the mouse itself. And the receiver is made separately. Which is installed on the computer?

This mouse needs a battery to run. So we have to purchase a small battery too.

4. Trackball Mouse

The texture of this mouse is also like some optical mouse. But in this, it is used to control the trackball.

To give instructions to the computer, the user has to rotate the ball from his forearms or anglers. This mouse does not give us much control. And it takes time to run it.

5. Stylus Mouse

This type of mouse is also called gStick Mouse. Because Stylus Mouse invented Gordan Stewart. Therefore ‘ g ‘ in gStick means Gordan.

This mouse looks like a pen. There is also a wheel. This wheel can be moved up and down. It is mostly used for touchscreen devices.

Various forms of Mouse Pointer / Cursor and their meanings

Now, we’ve got acquainted with the mouse. But one thing you have thought is how do we recognize the mouse on the computer screen?

Let’s try to know it too.

Actually, Mouse is a Pointer Device, you already know it. According to its name, the mouse computer uses some shapes to pitch the item on the screen, which is called the Mouse Pointer.

You know the mouse pointer by the name of Cursor. Mouse Pointers change their appearance on computer screens according to their position. In which situation the Mouse Pointers change their appearance, it is explained in detail below.

Mouse cursor and their shape in various cases

Functions of Mouse in Hindi

A mouse is a multifunctional tool, with the help of which many tasks can be done. Use of Mouse is done mostly on lifting, holding, keeping items on the computer screen.

But, how do all these work go? Mouse does some actions to do this. What are these actions? How is this done? Let’s know.

1. Pointing

When the cursor is moved to any item available on the computer screen and the Pointer touches the item, a box appears which tells us about that item. This entire verb is called pointing. This verb is also known as Hovering.

2. Selecting

After pointing on an item on the computer screen, pressing the left mouse button of the mouse once gets the item selected. This is called an election only. When an item is selected, there is a square around it, which shows that this item is selected.

3. Clicking

Pressing the mouse button is called the verb click. Click any mouse button to click and release it. Click is of two types.

1 . Left Click : Pressing the left mouse button of the mouse is called Left Click. Here are the following types.

  • Single Click – Single Click – Pressing left mouse button once and leaving it is called Single Click. Selecting an item through Single Click, opening the menu, opening the link available on a webpage, etc. are done.
  • DoubleClick – double click on the left button of the mouse simultaneously pressing twice. Double Click works like a shortcut in a way. Any item, file, program etc. can be opened by this. Apart from this, double click is also used to select any word in any document.
  • Triple Click – Click on the left button of the mouse simultaneously pressing three times simultaneously, it is called Triple Click. The use of Triple Click is greatly reduced. Through this, the entire paragraph can be selected in any document.

2 . Right Click : Pressing Right button on the mouse is called Right Click. Right clicking on any item opens a list of tasks that can be done with that item.

4. Dragging and Dropping

Any item available on the computer screen by the mouse can be placed from one place to another. For this, the dragging and dropping action of the mouse is used.

To select an item by the mouse pointer, press left the button on that item and drag that item to its desired position and leave the button. This entire work (dragging and dropping) is called dragging and dropping.

5. Scrolling

Scrolling a document, the Webpage through the Mouse Wheel, is called scrolling up and down. To move upward, the wheel has to rotate on its side and it has to move outward to move downward.

what have you learned?

In this lesson, we have explained to you about a computer mouse in detail. Did you know what the mouse is? How is the mouse used? We hope this Lesson has been useful to you. And you can use the Computer Mouse properly.

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