What to do if you have pain in ear 7 easy and effective home remedies

7 easy and effective home remedies

Hello Friends, Today We Are Telling You All The Information About What To Do When You Have Pain In The Ear. There Are Many People Who Have Problems In Their Ears, Repeatedly Causing Pain In Their Ears, They Are Very Troublesome And Sometimes Pain It Becomes So Much Harder To Tolerate That Today We Will Discuss About This, So That If You Have Angina Pain, Then You Should Adopt The Methods Described By Us. Your Ears Pain Must Be Properly And That All Tested Methods

Pain In The Ears Is A Common Practice And One Reason Is That Which Takes The Pain In Kano Today We’ll Do About The Same, Please Explain Which Kano Pain In This Article And Which Cause Pain In The Ears And The Home Remedies Will Tell You About What Is The Ear. The Ear Is A Weak Spot Due To This, There Are Many Painful Pain Here, But You Can Also Remove Ear Pain By Using Medical Medicine. If You Are Unable To Take Medicines Or In The Event Of Sudden Pain, You Can Use Our Stated Home Remedy.

Causes Of Ear Pain

  1. Cold Cause Colds
  2. Causes Of Worms In-Ear
  3. By Collecting Mail In-Ear
  4. Filling In The Ears
  5. Cleansing The Ears With Some Fine Thing
  6. Due To An Allergy

Earache Symptoms

  1. Hear Less
  2. Anemia
  3. Chronic Pain In The Ear
  4. Ear Swelling
  5. Heaviness Of Ear

Remedies For Repairing Ear Pain :

Well, There Are Many Ways To Repair Earache, But We Will Tell You About 10 Best Practices That Are Effective In Reality And You Will Also Get The Benefit From It.

1. Solar Leaves

You Know About The Advantages Of Friends Tulsi, And Even In The Texts Of Hindu Religion, There Is A Great Significance Of Basil. If You Have A Pain In Your Ears, Then You Can Fix It With The Use Of Basil. For This You Should Take Some Basil Leaves And Grind Them Thoroughly And Remove The Juice, And After That Put 2-3 Pieces Of Juice In Your Painful Ear, Then It Will Cure Your Earache In A Short Time.

2. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds Are Usually Found In All Households, But Many People Do Not Know About Its Importance. It Can Be Used In Many Diseases If You Have Fenugreek Seeds In Your Home, It Is Used To Repair Earache. You Can Also Do Some Fenugreek Seeds In The Oil And Then Heat It. Then You Keep It Cool For Cooling It After Cooling It, Put It In Its Bowl Ear 2-3 Times A Day, The Pain Is Cured

3. Garlic Use

Antibiotic And Antiseptic Guns Are Found In Garlic Which Is Very Useful For Removing The Pain Of Your Ears. If Your Ear Is Having Pain, Then Take 2 Or 3 Kali Garlic And Grind It Well And Later On Saroso Heat Oil By Adding Oil And When The Oil Cools Down, Put Some Sticks Of It In Your Ear, It Can Cure Any Kind Of Anguish In A Short Time.

4. Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves Are Also Very Useful For The Pain Of Kano. If You Have Pain In The Ear, You Can Also Use Neem Leaves For This, For This You Should Take Some Neem Leaves And Grind Them As Fine As Granules And Remove Their Juice. And If You Have Any Kind Of Pain If Your Ears Have Any Kind Of Pain, Then It Will Be Cured And With This Experiment You Will Have Worms In Your Ears, Then They Also Die Of Ear Pain. Erase This Method Is Very Good For The Area

5. Onion Juice

You, Will, Know About Onion And You Usually Get Onion In Every Home And If Your Ears Suddenly Get Hurt, Take An Onion And Take Out The Juice And Put Some Of That Juice Into It. Ears Pain Will Be Removed And You Will Get Relief

6. Lukewarm Water

One Reason To Have Pain In The Ear Is Also To Make Cough In The Ear. The Solution Of Lukewarm Water Is Like A Panacea, For That You Take A Little Water And Take A Little Warm Water And When The Water Becomes Lukewarm, Then It Will Squeeze The Towel And Squeeze It When The Bowl Is Inserted Into The Ear And The Towel Is Cooled, Follow The Procedure To Repeat It For At Least 15 Minutes.

7. Ginger

Ear Pain – Ginger Can Be Useful For Us In Many Ways And Ginger Can Also Be Used To Remove Many Diseases If You Have Pain Or Swelling In Your Ears, But You Can Also Do Homemade Remedies For Ginger For This, You Grind The Ginger And Take Out The Juice And Put It In The Stomached Ear Of The Juice, It Will Cure Your Ears Soon And If Your Ears Have Swelling, Then It Also Gets Cured By It.

Friends, This Is The Home Remedies For Removing The Pain Of The Ear, So That The Pain Of Your Ears Will Be Cured Soon, And If The Use Of These Remedies Does Not Improve The Pain Of Your Ear, Then You Should Immediately Contact A Doctor.

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